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Block Paving Driveway Company

Paul Weaving runs an experienced block paving driveway company in Hampshire near Portsmouth. Most of our customers choose a block paved driveway to add a real ‘WOW’ factor to their property. The method of block paving provides a solid long lasting surface which always looks clean, fresh and prestigious and is very popular.

A guaranteed supplier supplies our materials in bulk, therefore costs are kept to a minimum. Each process of the build is fully researched, inspected and done to regulations set out by building standards, because this is important to us as a company.

Our experienced tradesmen take care of the planning, application of materials, building, drainage and after care. Customers can be assured that no bad weather will effect the work and the driveways will remain looking tip top in years to come.

Step By Step Process

The Design

Customers like using a bespoke block paving driveway company.  The first step of the process is to design the layout and choose the materials. The customer chooses the block shape, material, colour and finish. This is important and plays a huge factor in the design procedure.

The Manager will make the customer feel comfortable with the work from day one, and minds will be put to rest if there are any questions.

When all parties are fully satisfied with the design and quote, work will commence.


Our groundworkers are trained to excavate to the regulated depth for the sub-base, screeding and paving, therefore the finished level will be the correct depth below the damp proof course of any adjoining building. We will have to create a very slight slope to allow for drainage.

We are recruiting for groundworkers in the Portsmouth and Hampshire areas. Please click on this LINK to find out more.

Edging & Drainage

We would then lay a concrete foundation to the required thickness, mixing the ballast and cement accordingly. The kerb units or edge restraint will be built. At this stage the edging would be fixed in place and drainage, if required.

Sub Base & Screeding

We would now create the sub base using the layers of MOT Type 1 and standard levelling techniques to set the base to the required thickness.

Screeding will now take place to the required thickness.

Paving & Finishing Touches

The fun part will be to install the block paving in the desired pattern, which was decided on step one.

Now for the finishing touches to sweep the driveway. The debris will be removed before filling any minor gaps and setting the stones in place, then cleaning or washing the whole driveway for a beautiful finish.


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Tips & Advice

Block Paving Driveway tips and advice is very helpful to future customers. Please click on this News Link to find out more about looking after your driveways and methods we use.

Request an Appointment

We are as keen on your project as you are, no doubt about it! Please book a time for us to visit your property for an initial assessment. Company Manager, Paul Weaving will be very happy to listen to you and start to fulfil your dream driveway.