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Shingle & Gravel Driveways

Shingle & Gravel driveways are an attractive an attractive and inexpensive addition to your home. Gravel driveways last longer than paved driveways and are more environmentally friendly. Rain and snow are absorbed into the ground beneath the gravel. This can help to prevent runoff and minimize the risk of flooding.

A gravel driveway is a good place to keep your car off of mud, also separates gardens and parking areas. If your driveway is not carefully planned and constructed, it can turn out poorly. Finally, customers will need to maintain their driveways in different ways throughout the seasons.

Most of all, these driveways can be a real kerb appeal, setting off  flower borders in a really eye catching way, whilst being very practical and economical. Our tradesmen provide a full service to lay all the aspects, including excavation or landscaping. They adhere to all building regulations to weatherproof and weedproof the under layers prior to laying the stones.

All our drives are fully guaranteed and we provide the after care to ensure they are fully weatherproof and remain finished to a high standard with edging and drainage if needed.

Step By Step Process

Planning Your Driveway

Our team will survey the driveway area for a shingle & gravel driveway, and decide if customers want a parking area or a circular driveway. Customers will decide on shingle, gravel or larger stones.  For larger stones, we recommend laying three separate layers of different sizes of stone.

Drainage issues will be checked in the area where the driveway will be.Therefore, it is important to position and level your driveway so that the water will run off the sides and not pool in the middle of it.

Borders & Edging

Let us work together to see if you will need and borders or edging. You may require bricks, paving, timber or logs, depending on the overall look and kerb appeal you want. Many customers like to have borders with foliage, but its entirely down to your own taste.

Excavation & Marking

Our qualified groundworkers will excavate if needed. normally there is old ground to remove including rubble, clay and mud.

Finally, the process will start to mark off the area of the new driveway before applying the materials. The levels will be all correct and straight.

Weed Barrier

To prevent grass and weeds from growing through your driveway, therefore, we will lay a weed barrier underneath your shingle or gravel. We will level and flatten the ground beneath this layer.

Weed barrier is a woven landscaping cloth that allows water to pass through it but does not allow weeds to grow through it.

Laying the Stones

Now the fun part. The stones will be spread over the driveway and consequently our compacting machinery will be needed to ensure the thick covering is nicely firm. Several layers of stones are required. As a result, a good long lasting covering will be achieved. The driveway will be slightly elevated in the middle and lower on the sides to promote water drainage.


The Manager will advise you how to maintain your own driveway. Over time, the movement of cars and regular footfall will displace stones. Simply rake gravel that gets displaced back into your driveway. Also think about adding gravel every two to three years to any low or bare spots that emerge over time, therefore, we can leave some behind for you!


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It will be great to meet up once you have chosen to have a shingle or gravel driveway. Please complete the contact form below and we can arrange a visit to your property for an initial assessment and collate ideas and a timescale.