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Tarmac Driveways

We offer professional and expert services for laying tarmac driveways

Tarmac driveways help set off kerb appeals and are a hard wearing, which is ideal for larger driveways. Our operatives are expert in laying the groundworks and tarmac, conforming to current building regulations. We have all the equipment needed and after care service to ensure the job is totally complete including edging and drainage if required.

This can only be installed using the correct methods and machinery, adhering to proper building methods. There are a number of layers involved, starting with the foundations. Typically, excavations will go down to 16 to 18cm, then a sub-base of crushed hardcore will go down and be rolled with a road roller.

We are also qualified to lay drop kerbs, edging kerbstones and drainage. We ensure the colour and finish matches to any other pathways or tarmac areas to achieve a complete overall look and a high quality surface.

How is it Done?

The tarmac is constructed with two layers. The first layer is the base. The second is the top surface (better known as the wearing course).

We lay the sub-base with edge restraint prior to the laying of the tarmac (macadam). Macadam is laid with a layer of binder course (base coat).

Each layer is mechanically rolled and compacted to ensure a smooth and even surface finish. Available in a wide range of colours, grades and textures. We advise to avoid laying in very hot weather to avoid the material to soften.

The base layer will use a larger grade of aggregate and has to be delivered in a heated lorry. Once laid roughly along the site of the driveway, the tarmac is spread out and levelled with large, sturdy rakes. The roller then comes over again to compact the base layer, only stopping when it no longer makes marks on the surface.


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Tarmac driveways provide a great surface and are quick to install, once plans have been approved. Please book a time for us to visit your property for an initial assessment. We would be very happy to listen to you and start to work together to fulfil your dream driveway.